Multicultural Initiatives Fund – Project Funding


April 1, 2024

If the deadline falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, the deadline becomes the next business day.

Type of Funding: Project Funding

MIF aims to advance cross-cultural understanding and support work that aligns with the principles of Truth and Reconciliation in Saskatchewan by supporting projects encouraging people to share, learn, appreciate and respect cultural diversity. For more information, visit the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation website and download various reports.

If you require any accommodations or assistance during the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us at 306-780-9284 or If you encounter any challenges or have any suggestions on how we can improve accessibility, please let us know.


Project funding up to a maximum of $15,000 with conditions. Please see the application guidelines for more information and examples of how eligible expenses are calculated.


MIF aims to advance cross-cultural engagement by supporting projects that encourage people to share, learn and engage in meaningful efforts that address the following Purposes:

  •  Anti-Racism work which engages in issues of power and privilege, and addresses individual and systemic discrimination. Anti-Racism includes active dialogue and action towards building equity and justice within cultural organizations and communities.
  •  Intercultural Connections work which entails sustained cross cultural engagement through activities like cultural exchanges, cooperative work between communities, creating safe spaces, community dialogues, creative projects and integration work for welcoming and inclusive communities.
  • Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) projects that seek to implement a process of healing relationships that require public truth sharing, apology and commemoration to acknowledge and redress past harms towards implementing the TRC Calls to Action and Truth and Reconciliation efforts. Applicants are encouraged to identify who they are reconciling with and which Calls to Action they are seeking to address. For more information, visit SaskCulture’s Indigenous Awareness Hub.
  • Cultural Retention work which supports the development and advancement of cultural practices and traditions internal to a particular cultural community. Indigenous communities are encouraged to apply to the Aboriginal Arts and Culture Leadership grant program for activity in this area.
  • Celebration of Diversity work which supports the performances, displays, and expressions of ethno-cultural and Indigenous groups for the purposes of education and engagement with the broader community. Celebration of Diversity includes events such as festivals, cultural showcases, and performances that introduce cultural worldviews, expressions, creativity and innovation.

Priority will be given to projects that:

  • provide significant opportunities to meet the Purposes of the MIF-P grant program, with an emphasis on Anti-Racism, Intercultural Connections, Truth and Reconciliation, and Cultural Retention projects. 
  • deliver relevant cultural activities that demonstrate significant opportunities for cultural impact, accessibility and service to communities. 
  • provide strong evidence of partnerships and community engagement from cultural communities that are being focused on. It is the responsibility of the applicant to demonstrate that there is evidence of agreement, understanding, permission, consent and commitment from cultural groups who are identified within a project. 
  • take place in the province’s northern and/or rural or otherwise underserved communities.
  • are led by equity-deserving communities and cultural organizations, or by organizations who demonstrate commitment to equity within their organizational structures with attention to diverse staff, board, experience and programming. 
  • support cultural communities and groups who have had limited access to SaskCulture funding.

NOTE: Previously funded organizations that receive MIF-Project grants yearly will be prioritized based on the evidence of past impact provided in the application. Organizations already significantly funded by other Sask Lottery-supported grant programs may be a lower priority.

If you are unsure whether your project fits the Purpose of this grant, please contact the consultant, and check the list of successful applicants and project descriptions.


Registered, Saskatchewan, non-profit organizations, First Nations, Tribal Councils, Métis Locals, or municipalities, with cultural mandates are eligible to apply. The MIF program objectives are to support ethno-cultural, multicultural, First Nations and Métis initiatives, projects and activities. 

Before You Apply

Step One – What is the Multicultural Initiatives Fund (Project)?

Download and review the MIF Project Guidelines (posted in right-hand column).

Step Two – Who Can Apply?

Please refer to pages two and three in the MIF Project Guidlines.

Step Three – Is Your Project Eligible?

Please refer to to page three in the MIF Project Guidlines.

Step Four – What Costs are Covered?

Please refer to page four in the MIF Project Guidlines.

Step Five – Are You Ready to Apply?

Download and review the Application Checklist & Sample Questions (posted in right-hand column).

Step Six - Contact Us

Contact Outreach Consultant Shelley Fayant at (306) 780-9289 or email before submitting an application

Step Seven - Apply!

Sign up or log-in to SaskCulture’s Online Grant Platform to complete and submit your application.

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