Small Grant Accessibility Program

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December 20, 2023

If the deadline falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, the deadline becomes the next business day.

Type of Funding: Project/Initiative

The Small Grant Accessibility Program (SGAP) aims to provide support to grassroots, unique and innovative cultural initiatives that respond to emergent needs or changes in the cultural sector, and create access and pathway for first-time and under-served applicants.

This grant has a maximum grant request of $2,000 and is intended for small-scale initiatives, as defined on the last page of the Guidelines. The turnaround time is quicker (a maximum of four weeks) to be able to respond to more time-sensitive and emergent needs.

If you require any accommodations or assistance during the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us at 306-780-9284 or If you encounter any challenges or have any suggestions on how we can improve accessibility, please let us know.


The maximum grant amount is 100% of eligible expenses, up to a maximum $2,000.


The SGAP objectives are to:

  • support new or underserved organizations that have never been awarded a SaskCulture grant;
  • support grassroots, unique and innovative cultural initiatives;
  • respond to emergent needs, time-sensitive opportunities or changes in the cultural sector;
  • encourage youth-led cultural initiatives and leadership opportunities for young cultural leaders;
  • support and strengthen communities through cultural activities in Saskatchewan, at the individual, group, and community level; and
  • support the development and capacity of cultural organizations through professional development courses.

Priority will be given to initiatives that:

  • provide significant opportunities to meet the objectives of the SGAP;
  • deliver relevant cultural activities based on cultural impact, accessibility and service to communities;
  • are grassroots initiatives;
  • have an ethnocultural focus;
  • respond to technological needs, opportunities, or changes. These may be identified through a strategic technology planning exercise. A plan is not required but can be helpful to identify technology needs. A Strategic Technology Plan template can be found here.
  • do not fit the criteria and timeline for other SaskCulture grant programs;
  • take place in the province’s northern and/or rural or otherwise underserved communities;
  • are supported by clear initiative plans and budget detail; and
  • are focused on Truth and Reconciliation or Anti-Racism professional development for organizations.

If you are unsure whether your initiative fits the purpose of this grant, please contact SaskCulture to discuss options.


Eligible Applicants:

Incorporated Non-Profit organizations in Saskatchewan. All incorporated non-profit organizations must:

  • Have a primarily cultural mandate in Arts, Heritage, Multiculturalism or Cultural Industries as defined by SaskCulture’s Cultural Policy, or otherwise demonstrate significant engagement in cultural activity. If the organization does not have a primarily cultural mandate, the project must be cultural in nature and must engage a wide audience (cannot be internal to the organization);
  • Not have been awarded a SaskCulture grant in the past three years; and,
  • Be in good standing with Information Services Corporation (ISC) and SaskCulture.
  • *Libraries located in remote and rural locations (populations under 6,000) are eligible to apply for cultural projects only.

Unincorporated Non-Profit organizations in Saskatchewan. All unincorporated non-profit organizations:

  • Must have a primarily cultural mandate in Arts, Heritage, Multiculturalism or Cultural Industries as defined by SaskCulture’s Cultural Policy, or otherwise demonstrate significant engagement in cultural activity;
  • Must have a Canadian bank account in the organization’s name: if approved, the grant payment will be paid to this account (a void cheque will be required for confirmation and setting up Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT);
  • Must provide a liability waiver signed by at least two Board/Committee/Decision Makers; and,
  • May apply for this grant more than one time.
  • Alternately, an unincorporated organization can also partner with an incorporated non-profit, First Nation, Tribal Council, Municipality or Métis Local who is eligible. Please contact a consultant for more details.

First Nation, Tribal Council, Municipality or Métis Local. The applicant must:

  • be in good standing with the Sask Lotteries Community Grant Program;
  • not have been awarded a SaskCulture grant in the past three years; and
  • have no outstanding grant follow-ups due to SaskCulture.

Ineligible Applicants:

  • Non-profit professional organizations and associations;
  • Organizations that have received any SaskCulture or significant Lottery funding in the last three years, including organizations receiving funding through the following grant programs administered by SK Arts: Gallery Grant Program, Media Arts Grant, SaskFestivals Grant Program, Artists in Communities, and Artists in Schools;
  • Libraries located in the larger urban municipalities in Saskatchewan;*
  • Districts for Sport, Culture and Recreation; Schools; and
  • Individuals.

Before You Apply

Applicants are encouraged to consult with SaskCulture prior to submitting an application for pre-application advice.

  • SaskCulture will review applications to confirm basic eligibility requirements have been met. If a submission is ineligible, the applicant will be notified.
  • Applications will be reviewed by a panel of SaskCulture staff, who will focus on the set criteria outlined in the ‘Application Assessment’ section of the guidelines, to ensure a quick turnaround.
  • Applicants can expect to be informed of funding results within four (4) weeks of the application.

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