Recognizing Your Funding Partners

You have received a grant from the Culture Section of the Sask Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation.  Your funding partners are Sask Lotteries and SaskCulture.  As a grant recipient, you are required to recognize Sask Lotteries in your promotions and event plans, and SaskCulture if appropriate, to help us raise awareness of this important fundraiser. 

Consider highlighting your funding partners in your group’s:

  • Signage – print and electronic
  • Displays
  • Invitations
  • Advertisements
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Media Releases
  • Tickets (If space and costs are not prohibitive)
  • Event Programmes
  • Greetings from SaskCulture representative
  • Speeches
  • Introductions/Recognition
  • E-Newsletters
  • Websites
  • Social Media sites


You can either place Sask Lotteries logos in your advertisement, or place prepared advertising in your print or electronic publications or social media channels.


Events are a great way to get the word out about the support Sask Lotteries. Consider:

  • Putting up a banner: paper banners are available as well as Sask Lotteries Vinyl banners in various sizes (6”, 8” & 10”) - available on loan.
  • Acknowledge in introductions or speeches: Acknowledge Sask Lotteries and SaskCulture in your introductions or speeches to your members or stakeholders at annual general meetings or media events.
  • Promote lottery ticket sales: Encourage attendees to buy Sask Lotteries tickets. Use tickets as prizes.
  • Invite SaskCulture to bring greetings: SaskCulture representatives can be invited to bring greetings at your event, but it is not an obligation of funding. A SaskCulture spokesperson will bring greetings at your event, or provide written greetings for your event programme. Contact SaskCulture, at least 2-3 weeks ahead of time, at 306-789-9259 or to make arrangements.
  • Recognize SaskCulture representatives: Board Members or Staff – during introductions even if they do not have speaking roles.
  • Add logos into permanent signage: Groups receiving operational funding should recognize SaskCulture/Sask Lotteries on public display materials in a visible location. This recognition can be permanent or affixed.
  • Ensure SaskCulture is aware of your Events and Activities:  SaskCulture/Sask Lotteries is one of your major funding, send us a copy of your news releases, public services announcement or public invitations.

Add events into Events Calendar: Submit it to our events calendar!


Member Funding: If you provide funding to member organizations, it is important that they also recognize SaskCulture/Sask Lotteries. Your organization should have a Member Funding Policy in place, and Member Funding Guidelines that outline this obligation. Ensure funding recipients have a pre produced tagline (see sample), or proper instructions, for recognizing multiple funders. Note: It is not enough to only recognize your organization, if groups receive funding from SaskCulture/Sask Lotteries.

Board Awareness: If SaskCulture/Sask Lotteries is one of your major funders, it is important that your volunteer board members are aware of this relationship. You may want to include a presentation on these two organizations as part of your Board Orientation.

Build understanding in your network: Beyond funding, sharing the message of Culture Builds Community and SaskCulture/Sask Lotteries is important to the continued support to the sector at large. Whenever possible:

  • Reference your support from SaskCulture/Sask Lotteries through Facebook and Twitter.
  • Forward SaskCulture E-Update and other SaskCulture and Sask Lotteries promotions.
  • Acknowledge Sask Lotteries on plaques attached to mural projects, or any permanent structure or public art that lists funding sponsors. If a cultural product, such as a book, manual or CD/DVD is created, include the logos in a sponsorship area.

Promoting SaskCulture in your network: SaskCulture produces a variety of brochures, flyers, and other materials that can be distributed to our partner organizations and groups throughout Saskatchewan to help raise awareness of grants, events, and programs that are administered and supported by SaskCulture. To request promotional items, click here.


Your financial audit and your annual report should recognize funding received from Sask Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation.  USE FULL NAME. Use the Sask Lotteries logo in your annual report to recognize funding. If your auditor requires that you use SaskCulture in your financial statements – please recognize Sask Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation in the notes section. The grant should be listed separately and not be mixed in with funding provided by any level of government.