Using Sask Lotteries Logo

Using the Sask Lotteries logo helps:

  • To increase awareness of the important Sask Lotteries fundraiser that providers over $15 million annually to support cultural activities in Saskatchewan.
  • To strengthen support for this community-driven funding delivery system; and
  • To encourage people to buy lottery tickets to support sport, culture and recreation in their communities.

Download Sask Lotteries Logos Here

When you click on the logos or the Side Bar selections, a Zip file will automatically be downloaded.  If you don’t see it on your main screen, check your Downloads file.  You can also access these files from a Google Drive folder.

How Should I Use the Logo, If I...

Receive funding directly from Sask Lotteries

  • Eligible Cultural Organization (ECO)

Receive funding directly from an ELIGIBLE CULTURAL ORGANIZATION

  • Member Funding Program

Receive funding as a Museum/Festival or Gallery from SK Arts

Key considerations are:

  • Use: Anytime you are recognizing your funders - always use the Sask Lotteries logo.
  • Types: Use either verticle or horizontal options.
  • Colour: Logo colours should appear in black, white, or pantone colours, or in gold or silver if used in an engraving.
  • Size: The logo must be reproduced at an appropriate size to maintain legibility. Sask Lotteries should never appear less than 50% of the size of other partner logos.
  • Spacing: A standard measure of space must be maintained around the logo.
  • Do not change the look: Do not distort; do not change colour; do not outline, drop or add shadow; do not omit or rearrange elements of logo; and do not use full colour logo on a dark background.
  • Order: Recognize sponsors in order of their contribution - following the recognition of your own organization. Your organization's logo is usually on the top of the page, with sponsors on the bottom, or back cover.
  • Importance: Recognition for financial and in-kind support is important to sponsors. It is a form of advertising that reflects each sponsor's mandate.
  • Quality: Ensure logos appear properly - use good .EPS or .JPEG files - and check to make sure they do not appear stretched, grainy or pixelated.

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