Using Sask Lotteries Logo

Using the Sask Lotteries logo helps:

  • To increase awareness of the important Sask Lotteries fundraiser that providers over $15 million annually to support cultural activities in Saskatchewan.
  • To strengthen support for this community-driven funding delivery system; and
  • To encourage people to buy lottery tickets to support sport, culture and recreation in their communities.


Download Sask Lotteries Logos Here:

If you don’t see the downloaded Zip file on your screen, check your download folder.

You can also access these files from a Google Drive folder.


How Should I Use the Logo, If I...

Receive funding directly from Sask Lotteries

  • Eligible Cultural Organization (ECO)

Receive funding directly from an ELIGIBLE CULTURAL ORGANIZATION

  • Member Funding Program

Receive funding as a Museum/Festival or Gallery from SK Arts

Key considerations are:

  • Use: Anytime you are recognizing your funders - always use the Sask Lotteries logo.
  • Types: Use either verticle or horizontal options.
  • Colour: Logo colours should appear in black, white, or pantone colours, or in gold or silver if used in an engraving.
  • Size: The logo must be reproduced at an appropriate size to maintain legibility. Sask Lotteries should never appear less than 50% of the size of other partner logos.
  • Spacing: A standard measure of space must be maintained around the logo.
  • Do not change the look: Do not distort; do not change colour; do not outline, drop or add shadow; do not omit or rearrange elements of logo; and do not use full colour logo on a dark background.
  • Order: Recognize sponsors in order of their contribution - following the recognition of your own organization. Your organization's logo is usually on the top of the page, with sponsors on the bottom, or back cover.
  • Importance: Recognition for financial and in-kind support is important to sponsors. It is a form of advertising that reflects each sponsor's mandate.
  • Quality: Ensure logos appear properly - use good .EPS or .JPEG files - and check to make sure they do not appear stretched, grainy or pixelated.

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