Diversity & Inclusiveness

Understanding various cultures helps us as individuals to build a larger world view.

What is it?

The area of cultural diversity is vast, including many important terms and definitions that work to express the concept and associated ideas, such as inclusiveness, cultural competence, multiculturalism, interculturalism, and cross-cultural understanding.

Why is inclusiveness important?

There are many arguments to building inclusiveness in your organization, from the changing demographics in the province to increasing participation, but the biggest incentive should be the sustainability of your organization into the future. To break it down, key reasons to build inclusiveness in your organization, may be to:

  • Support basic human rights
  • Reach new audience/participant demographics
  • Increase participation of Indigenous peoples
  • Increase participation of newcomers
  • Elimination of racism
  • Increase critical thinking and innovation
  • Increase focus on peace and harmony
  • Build a talented workforce
  • Build credibility through commitment

How can we build inclusiveness in our organization?

If your organization has recognized that building inclusiveness is important to your sustainability, you may consider the following steps to assessing, building, nurturing and sustaining a culturally inclusive workplace:

  • Assess your organization
  • Nurture a culturally diverse board
  • Take the bias out of recruitment and hiring
  • Build and maintain a culturally diverse workplace
  • Ensure inclusive policies
  • Learn about other cultures in your community
  • Reach out to diverse groups
  • Work to end racism
  • Evaluate your progress

How can we build more inclusive communities?

More and more municipalities are working on ways to engage the cultural diversity of their community and encourage inclusiveness.

How can I personally build cultural competency?

Understanding various cultures helps us as individuals to build a larger world view. We need to recognize our long-held assumptions and potential biases, so we are able to learn and grow in an increasingly global environment.

Where can I find out more?

There are many organizations, locally, nationally and/or internationally, that support the growth of cultural diversity and inclusion.