Culture 365 - Getting Creative Series

Crafting with Auntie Amber
Amber Bellegarde shares creative activities with special significance from her nêhiyaw/nakoda background and upbringing:

#1 – Sewing with Auntie Amber
Auntie Amber leads participants through the basics of learning to sew; participants will make a stuffed animal before taking their newly gained skills to the next level by creating their very own medicine bag.

#2 – Beading with Auntie Amber
Auntie Amber introduces participants to beadwork basics: they will learn to design and create a beaded rope, before advancing to the next project where they will design and create a mini-medallion.

Fibre Felting Fun with Melanie Monique Rose
Join visual artist Melanie Rose and get creative as she shares needle and wet felting basics. Melanie shows how every day materials like wool and water can be transformed into beautiful and colourful creations, while sharing inspirations from her Métis heritage:

#3 – Intro to Needle Felting and Wet-Felting
Melanie Rose leads you through the basics of needle-felting and wet-felting  techniques, opening up a world of limitless creativity using common materials like wool and needles. 

Getting Creative with Phyllis Poitras-Jarrett
Artist Phyllis Poitras-Jarrett offers participants a slate of creative activities – from introductory activities such as drawing and designing, to advanced techniques like collage work, silhouette painting and Métis beadwork design.

#4 – Painting Spirit Animal Silhouettes
Phyllis Poitras-Jarrett takes participants through the process of painting a silhouette, featuring the spirit animal of their choice.

#5 – Drawing Spirit Animals
Learn to draw one or all of the five Métis spirit animals that Phyllis Poitras-Jarrett has created, and learn how each has important values and teachings associated with them. She also shares the fundamentals of Métis beadwork design, and leads participants through a process to create their own symmetrical beadwork on paper.

#6 - Spirit Animal Craft Projects
Get super creative with Phyllis Poitras-Jarrett as she introduces collaging, and shares steps to create your very own spirit animal collage; participants will then learn how to create a spirit animal mobile.