Community Has Their Say in "Our Humboldt"

By: SaskCulture Staff January, 2014

Humboldt residents are getting the chance to express what’s important to them, their community and its future. The creation of a community-led Our Humboldt plan will give planners a roadmap in the creation a culturally vibrant city.

Thanks to a SaskCulture Municipal Cultural Engagement and Planning Grant, the Our Humboldt process began in 2013 by the development of a strategic framework to help guide the city towards managing growth. The entire community was invited to tell their leaders and community groups what matters to them in making a great, livable city. Seven core values, developed from these sessions, identified that Humboldt is an active, welcoming, prosperous, creative, green, connected and sustainable community.

Jennifer Brooks, director of communications and community development, City of Humboldt, says creative city building was determined to be important to the community. “We certainly want to become, and promote that Humboldt is a regional destination for heritage, arts and cultural activity,” explains Brooks. “We want to build and promote city buildings and cultural vitality because we have arts and cultural organizations within the area, and we want to ensure that we help and strengthen what really makes Humboldt unique.” Because of the consultation processes, a multi-use facility that would house recreational, arts and cultural activity is now becoming a reality.

With people moving to Humboldt from across Saskatchewan, Canada and the world, Our Humboldt also helps welcome new residents and businesses. It’s important that the community’s culture remains open and welcome for all who want to call Humboldt home, says Brooks.

Our Humboldt is now entering into phase three, where the seven values determined through the consultation processes will align with the budget, but this doesn’t mean that community engagement is now over.  “There will be ongoing ways for the community to express what’s important for them, and we are quite excited as to how we progress through this initiative,” says Brooks.

“We are appreciative to SaskCulture for taking a leap of faith with us, and investing in this unique planning process. We found it of value and are excited as to how it will continue to evolve,” adds Brooks.