Exhibits Maintenance and Collections Care Technician - WDM North Battleford

Western Development Museum - North Battleford, North Battleford
Deadline: September 14, 2022 - October 03, 2022
The Western Development Museum - North Battleford is seeking an Exhibits Maintenance and Collections Care Technician to assist the WDM in achieving its public trust responsibilities by ensuring indoor and outdoor exhibits and gallery spaces and cleanliness of the Collection are maintained to a high standard.

The Exhibits Maintenance and Collections Care Technician is responsible for:
• Inspecting Museum exhibits, artifacts, gallery spaces and outdoor exhibit areas regularly, documenting and reporting per established procedures.
• Cleaning and caring for artifacts and exhibits. Undertaking minor repairs to exhibits.
• Maintaining current inventory of exhibit building materials, tools and equipment.
• Ensuring the safety and integrity of the collection when handling and/or transporting artifacts.

The detailed job description outlining required skills, qualifications, hours of work and salary is available at www.wdm.ca/careers. The work schedule is 72 hours per 2-week pay period. The WDM provides paid sick leave as well as employer paid health/dental benefits. WDM employees belong to the Public Employees Pension Plan with employee contributions being matched by the employer.

Application deadline is October 3, 2022.

Apply to nbcareers@wdm.ca or send your resume and cover letter to:

Exhibits Maintenance and Collections Care Technician Selection Committee
WDM North Battleford
P.O. Box 183
North Battleford SK S0M 0E0