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Seeking Board Members

Saskatchewan Archaeological Society, Saskatchewan-wide
Deadline: December 01, 2021 - January 31, 2022


Name: Tomasin Playford

Phone: 3066644124

E-mail: general@thesas.ca

Website: thesas.ca


January 31, 2022

The Saskatchewan Archaeological Society is seeking nominations for the following positions on our Board:
1) Treasurer
2) Two Members-at-Large
3) One First Nations/Métis Member-at-Large

All terms are for two years. Incumbents may run for a consecutive term, with a maximum service of six consecutive years in the same position.

The SAS has four board meetings per year (on Saturdays). There may be additional meetings called for committee work.

The SAS values diversity and inclusivity. We welcome applications from individuals who have skills in finance, fundraising, human resources, governance, policy, risk management, technology and marketing.

For further information or for nomination forms, please contact the SAS office at general@TheSAS.ca or call 306-664-4124.