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Call for Submissions - Threads 2023 Conference

Threads Cultural Conversations,
Deadline: May 04, 2022 - July 31, 2022


July 31, 2022

We welcome artists in all disciplines and speakers from all fields to be part of the next Threads: Cultural Conversations.

Hosted by the Cultural Bridging Unit of the Saskatoon Open Door Society, Threads: Cultural Conversations is a diverse event in both its representation and its execution. Part academic conference, part artistic celebration, and part sharing circle, Threads strives to unite all peoples through storytelling, knowledge sharing and creativity.

Launched in 2021, Threads is a two-day virtual event that brings together speakers and performers from all walks of life to share their stories, insights and wisdom. Freed from racial and ethnic silos, Newcomers, Indigenous and non-Indigenous people are invited to gather online for a shared experience. Threads reminds us all that we always have more to learn about one another!

About the Threads theme for 2023: Perceiving

Perceiving explores how we see, interpret and experience the world around us. Since it relates to how we see the world and how we experience it, perceiving is always diverse and varied. Who is right? Who is wrong? Neither? Both? We perceive the world differently through our beliefs, our knowledge and the experiences that are rooted in our respective social and cultural history. And in order to get to know one another better, we need to recognize that we can perceive things from different perspectives. By doing so, we can create meaningful shared experiences.

What We Are Looking For:


We are seeking responses from artists of all disciplines to this year's Threads theme of Perceiving. You are welcome to respond using any medium, within the following parameters:

* Please read the Threads philosophy outlined above.
* Submit a video of your response along with a transcription (if available).
* Your submission must include a short introduction explaining who you are and what your process was in creating your response.
* Videos must have a running time of 5 to 10 minutes.
* Please make sure that the orientation of your video is horizontal.
* The deadline for submission of responses is July 31, 2022.

If your response is chosen, it will be included in the Threads Library and possibly in our Threads 2023 virtual event. We will be happy to promote your work on our social media platforms and there will be a small honorarium for those whose response is selected. With this process, we hope to build relationships with artists to be included in SODS and Threads activities in the future!

Please scroll down to see instructions on how to submit.


We are seeking three-minute stories recorded on video from anyone and everyone, stories that respond to at least one of the following questions:

* What is an odd question you’ve been asked about your heritage or country of culture? [Examples: “Do you ski to school in Canada?” “Do you ride polar bears to work?”]
* What are some misconceptions people around you have about your culture or country of origin?
* What influences the way you perceive the world? (Very short answers, please.) [Examples: “My college professor influenced the way I perceive the world today.” “I have read a lot of books by authors from the Middle East that have changed my worldview.”]
* Describe a time when a change in your circumstances and environment altered your perceptions, whether by force or incidentally. [Examples: “I used to think that people from the ABC culture were very serious and unfriendly. But when I had the chance to work with them, I found that they were very friendly.” “I lived in a poor neighbourhood growing up and played baseball with a tree branch. One day I was invited to play on a team by a Little League coach. That changed my perception of the world because more opportunities opened up for me.”]
* Do you own a significant piece of clothing? What’s the story behind it? [Examples: “This is a dress I brought from my home country. Its colour symbolizes …” “I bought this kimono in Japan on my first trip outside Canada.” “This is a scarf that my grandmother made for me while teaching me how to knit.”]

We are looking for stories that can relate to our theme of perceiving as well as to cultural identity. You may answer one or more of these questions, as long as your video runs no longer than three minutes and you answer each question separately.

The deadline for submission of stories is July 31st, 2021. See below for further instructions.

How to Submit

Please send video files using WeTransfer: https://wetransfer.com/ to dsameen@sods.sk.ca Please also send your name and the name of your video file to threads_registrations@sods.sk.ca to let us know you have submitted your video

If you have any general inquiries about Threads, please contact threads_registrations@sods.sk.ca