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Empathy Squad *VIRTUAL* Audio Storytelling and Podcasting Training

FIXT POINT Arts and Media, Remote Deadline: June 05, 2023 - March 30, 2024
Gather Oral Histories to Foster Empathy and Build your Podcasting Skills.

The Empathy Squad is a hands-on, experiential-service-learning opportunity for diverse youth from across Canada aimed at creating meaningful connections and increasing understanding of one another through public engagement, facilitated conversations, active listening and presentation, aimed at capturing and preserving our country's collective community memory for generations to come.

The Empathy Squad program is made possible by the Canada Service Corps.

As a participant, you will:
✅ Acquire the knowledge and practical skills needed to produce high-quality audio stories: interviewing and recording techniques, audio-editing, narrative shaping, and sound design;
✅ …