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2020 Nov 17 10:30 AM — 2:30 AM
Online Event
Cost: Free
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Working Together in an Intergenerational World

Today's world is different. This can present you with a challenge or a chore - the choice is yours. What can we do encourage intergenerational understanding? Have we joined the "I" generation? Are we isolated, insulated, independent, individualized and sometimes even indifferent? Do we pre-judge and get set in our ways?

What about the new generations? What motivates younger people to work with us? Is the new era difficult - or just diverse in ways of thinking and doing?

Working together works when we work at it! Diversity builds the strength we need. Understanding differences can lead to enhanced decision making and informed processes. Celebrating differences will bring excitement and energy to the work we do.

Key Messages:
• Differences are only difficulties until you understand the differences
• Change can be a challenge or a chore, we have the choice
• It’s a new world and we need new approaches
• Are there generation gaps? If so, how do we break them
• Generational differences
• Generational influences
• Generational strengths
• Generational communication
• Celebrating Generations
2020 Nov 17 10:30 AM — 2:30 AM
Online Event
Cost: Free


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