German culture continues to thrive

By: Justin Loffler April, 2011

Cultural Areas




The Saskatchewan German Council is highly motivated when it comes to bringing people of German heritage together and highlighting the German culture.

“Culture is alive and changes constantly,” says Andreas Denz, interim executive director of the Saskatchewan German Council. “We want to hold onto the old, but we have to look to the future and incorporate contemporary German language and traditions, in order to make culture relevant and interesting for all age groups.”

The Saskatchewan German Council is a registered volunteer-based, non-profit organization committed to promoting the cultural interests of people in Saskatchewan. The Council represents all people of German-speaking backgrounds, providing information, resources, and program funding and assisting organizations with programs and projects to promote German culture, language, traditions and heritage. Thanks to funding, “we are able to assist various German clubs in the province with programs, such as the German Language schools, “ explains Denz, “as well as providing funds and ideas to promote other German traditions.” The Saskatchewan German Council provides support to choir concerts and German Pavilions at Folkfest in Saskatoon and Mosaic in Regina each year.

“The Saskatchewan German Council is committed to keeping the German culture relevant to the youth of Saskatchewan,” adds Denz, “providing opportunities for them to participate in German events and activities.” With activities in areas of arts and crafts, dance, language schools, music, as well as German cultural clubs throughout the province, there is definitely not a shortage of things to do and celebrate. It is also enthusiastic about its involvement in helping bring people of all nationalities together to share in their traditions, maintain an active role in programs and partnerships that build and support Saskatchewan multiculturalism and the Canadian mosaic.

The Saskatchewan German Council plays a big role in helping out organizations that teach and support German throughout the province, and they continue to display vigor and loyalty in keeping their proud heritage together in new and exciting ways. To learn more about upcoming events and news, visit the Saskatchewan German Council at