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#WeAreSK Public Service Announcements

During Culture Days 2013, the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan hired a freelance journalist, Evie Ruddy, and a videographer, Jason Rister, to travel around the province.

General Culture, Multiculturalism

Culture Threads: Event Sparks Cultural Conversations

Apr, 2021
Arts, Cultural Industries

Winding Words with Saskatchewan Festival of Words

Moose Jaw
Nov, 2020
First Nation and Métis Specific, Indigenous, Métis

Sharing Métis Culture as Part of Reconciliation

Jan, 2019

All Folk’d up - A unique festival celebrates Montmartre’s rural roots

Many believe the genuine roots of culture stem from music, and for the past five years, a unique music festival has been putting the cultural heritage of one Saskatchewan village on the map.

Mar, 2015
Arts, Métis

Buffalo Pound Round Dance helps to highlight Métis culture

Ashley Norton, co-founder of the Wiichihiwayshinawn Foundation (“We are Helpers” in Michif), brought together a group of dancers from all over Saskatchewan to perform a contemporary jig dance at the Ice and Fire Festival, held in Regina, February 2013.

Jun, 2014

Saskatoon’s Street Meet Festival: challenging perceptions of public art

This past summer, from July 5-7, 2013, Saskatoon’s AKA Gallery and a group of renowned artists to create Saskatoon’s first annual street meet Festival.

Feb, 2014
Arts, Métis

Popular fiddle fest continues to grow

The annual John Arcand Fiddle Fest has come a long way in 15 years. It has grown from offering a few fiddle work-shops to an eventful, four-day festival, held at Windy Acres in Saskatoon, featuring concerts, competitions, dances and performances.

Apr, 2012
First Nations , Métis

Storytelling important to preserving history & tradition

“So much of contemporary Aboriginal art practice, whether it is visual, media, performing, or interdisciplinary art work, is rooted in our culture’s oral stories and customary knowledge,” explains Elwood Jimmy, Festival co-director.

Apr, 2011