Success Stories

General Culture, Heritage

Adventures in Archaeology

On tour with the Saskatchewan Archaeology Society

General Culture

Jennifer Fitzpatrick’s Leading Role in Telling the Stories of Humboldt

Jan, 2019

Love of Theatre Growing in the North

Northern Saskatchewan students build their own stories

Buffalo Narrows
Apr, 2016
General Culture

Expressing Saskatchewan narratives through technology

With a background in journalism, Evie ruddy is a natural storyteller. As a SaskCulture animateur, she is helping others develop that very same skill.

Nov, 2014

Memory boxes and art engage seniors

For several months in late 2013, about 20 senior citizens from the Regina-area have been creating memory boxes and paintings based on their own personal stories and narratives.

Feb, 2014

Prairie Wind and Silver Sage conserve prairie landscapes

This past summer, Prairie Wind and Silver Sage was excited to launch phase one of their ecomuseum project exploring the unique character of the Grasslands, Val Marie and the surrounding area.

Val Marie
Nov, 2013
Arts, Métis

Interactive workshop helps students learn about Métis tradition

Gravelbourg’s Camille Bell was invited by teacher Anita Clarke to Mossbank School where Bell spent a day presenting Métis traditions to elementary school children.

Dec, 2012
First Nations , Métis

Storytelling important to preserving history & tradition

“So much of contemporary Aboriginal art practice, whether it is visual, media, performing, or interdisciplinary art work, is rooted in our culture’s oral stories and customary knowledge,” explains Elwood Jimmy, Festival co-director.

Apr, 2011