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General Culture, Heritage

Adventures in Archaeology

On tour with the Saskatchewan Archaeology Society

First Nations , Heritage

History Returns Home

Chief Poundmaker’s belongings came back to the museum that bears his name

Poundmaker Cree Nation
Jan, 2018

A Train Trip to the Past and the Future - The inspiring story behind Ogema’s railway tour

The Town of Ogema fought back from rural decline with the development of a railway tour that would help steer the community towards a brighter future.

Mar, 2015

Museums Without Walls: Getting the conversation started on ecomuseums

Several Saskatchewan communities are bringing the concept of an ‘ecomuseum’ to the province.

Nov, 2014

New home, new name for the Regina Plains Museum

The Regina Plains Museum is now called the Civic Museum of Regina. Besides a new name, it also has a new address.

Nov, 2013

Luseland wild about Whooping Cranes

The Town of Luseland is preparing to welcome back a former resident. The Luseland and District Museum is planning to add a new wing to their centre that will focus on educating the public about Whooping Cranes.

Jun, 2012

Museum in a suitcase

The Kroneau Heritage Museum has designed an outreach program to take the museum’s exhibitions to those who would, because of mobility issues, have difficulty visiting the museum in person.

Jan, 2012

Heritage valued in the heart of Humboldt

Organized by the Humboldt and District Museum and Gallery, the Heritage Project gathered community input about its heritage and developed 12 heritage themes that reflect the life of the Humboldt community.

Jan, 2011
Heritage, Multiculturalism

Getting a Taste of Culture

The Museums Association of Saskatchewan shows how food triggers Intangible Cultural Heritage

Oct, 2016
General Culture

Expressing Saskatchewan narratives through technology

With a background in journalism, Evie ruddy is a natural storyteller. As a SaskCulture animateur, she is helping others develop that very same skill.

Nov, 2014

Five things you might not know about the Ukrainian Museum of Canada

You may know the Ukrainian Museum of Canada tells the story of many people's immigration to Canada from Ukraine, but here are five other things you might not know about the first ethnic museum in Canada.

Jun, 2014

Prairie Wind and Silver Sage conserve prairie landscapes

This past summer, Prairie Wind and Silver Sage was excited to launch phase one of their ecomuseum project exploring the unique character of the Grasslands, Val Marie and the surrounding area.

Val Marie
Nov, 2013
First Nations , Métis

Prince Albert Historical Society and Treaty Education

Teachers from local school divisions from across the curriculum and grade levels participated in the two- day workshop to collaboratively create three lessons plans in a given subject and grade level that supported Treaty and Aboriginal education.

Prince Albert
Jun, 2012

Doukhobors: keeping tradition alive on the prairies

A popular way of sharing a particular culture with others is through song. Always looking for ways to engage the public in their culture and traditions, the Doukhobor Cultural Society of Saskatchewan is planning to make their music even more accessible.

Apr, 2011