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#WeAreSK Public Service Announcements

During Culture Days 2013, the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan hired a freelance journalist, Evie Ruddy, and a videographer, Jason Rister, to travel around the province.

Cultural Industries, Heritage, Multiculturalism, Municipality

Combining In-Person and virtual Programming for a new Cultural experience

Prince Albert
Nov, 2020
Arts, General Culture, Indigenous, Multiculturalism

Curiosity, Engagement and Listening Key to Innovative Program and Leadership

Jan, 2019

Dance as a Gateway into Ukrainian Culture

Youth finding their own voices in history

Apr, 2016
General Culture

Expressing Saskatchewan narratives through technology

With a background in journalism, Evie ruddy is a natural storyteller. As a SaskCulture animateur, she is helping others develop that very same skill.

Nov, 2014
General Culture

Artists ‘animate’ Culture Days in Saskatchewan

Since 2010, SaskCulture has hired Saskatchewan artists, from a variety of disciplines, to interest people – planners and public - in participating in Culture Days, a three-day event held during the last weekend in September each year.

Nov, 2013
Arts, First Nations

Retreat helps Aboriginal youth share their stories

In August 2012, the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild (SWG), in partnership with the First Nations University of Canada (FNUC), hosted the first annual Bringing Back the Buffalo: Aboriginal Youth Writers’ Retreat in Regina.

Regina or Remote/Hybrid
Jun, 2013
Arts, Multiculturalism

Partnership connects newcomers with a sense of community

Building a sense of home and place can sometimes be a daunting task for newcomers, especially youth. The Saskatchewan Organization of Heritage Languages (SOHL) and the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative partnered to present a one-day workshop.

Regina or Remote/Hybrid
Dec, 2012