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#WeAreSK Public Service Announcements

During Culture Days 2013, the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan hired a freelance journalist, Evie Ruddy, and a videographer, Jason Rister, to travel around the province.

A photo of Battlefords Community Players volunteers smiling at the camera.
Arts, Cultural Industries

Battlefords Community Players Celebrates 75 Years Thanks to Volunteers

Apr, 2023
A photo of the entrance of the MacKenzie Art Gallery, with a neon green sign that reads “as long as the sun shines the river flows and the grass grows.”
Arts, Multiculturalism

MacKenzie Art Gallery Faces IDEA Head On

Nov, 2022
Arts, Cultural Industries, General Culture

CARFAC Mentorship Continues Connections Online

Apr, 2021
Arts, Cultural Industries

Augmented reality Creates Moving Pictures: Increases Accessibility to Art Work

Regina or Remote/Hybrid
Nov, 2020
Arts, Cultural Industries

Smooth transition to Online for Saskatchewan Writers' Guild

Regina or Remote/Hybrid
Nov, 2020
Arts, Municipality

Dream Broker Programming Helps Build Student Confidence

Sep, 2020
Arts, First Nation and Métis Specific, Heritage, Multiculturalism

Learning Cultures and Building Literacy through the Arts

Some young Regina students are learning and getting immersed in cultures through innovative art program.

Regina or Remote/Hybrid
Mar, 2020

Drawing to Their Own Beat

Dec, 2018
Arts, First Nations , Multiculturalism, Métis

Moving Forward, Never Forgetting - Encouraging intercultural dialogue and empathy through art

It has been said that art has the capacity to express the inexpressible, and a new exhibition at the MacKenzie Art Gallery (MAG) hopes to give a voice to what often goes unsaid, and attract a large audience in doing so.

Regina or Remote/Hybrid
Mar, 2015

Common Weal Continues to Connect Communities and the Arts

Every community has a challenge to face. Through its work, Common Weal has shown how arts and culture can be used to help nurture positive change in communities and help them face their adversity.

Regina or Remote/Hybrid
Jan, 2011
Arts, First Nations

Giving Youth the Tools They Need to Create

Ramses Calderon is a busy man. The El Salvadorn-born resident of Regina is a writer, musical scholar and innovative musician who incorporates traditional instruments and rhythms into his compositions.

Regina or Remote/Hybrid
Oct, 2010